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Wednesday, January 24, 2007
  Mom's drawing

This is a picture my mom drew as soon as my second daughter passed away.

My mom said my second daughter looked like a shaveling in the drawing. So she continued to draw a shaveling.

On her pictures my daughters are doing what they were in reality unable to do together. Such heartwarming and happy scenes in the drawings are inscribed in my memory.

My mom puts her cute grandchildren into the works imagining that they would have done like this.

My daughters in her drawings look just alike, where their gestures are very real in minute detail such as turning around, sitting, leaning their heads, and raising their hands. I always think that only my mom can draw such pictures.

In this picuture, my second daughter is eating water melon delightedly with her sister. And besides, there is a picture showing their decorating bamboo leaves on the Star Festival, "Tanabata," and so on. Too many drawings!

I always picuture my daughter; What is she doing now? Doesn't she feel lonely? Isn't she crying? Does she feel bad?

It makes me relieved looking at her joyful and happy face in the drawings. Her smile really makes me feel that my loved one still lives happily with us.

Thanks, Mom.

Written by Masami-sama.
Translated by H. Ohta.
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