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Friday, January 19, 2007
  A heartwarming scene in a pediatric ward (Part 2)

A boy on his heavy guard against medical staffs.
At a professor's round visit.

Prof: How are you today?
Boy: Get out!
Prof: You look good.
Prof was approaching him for examination.
Boy: Don't touch me!
He shook off the Prof's hands.

This is a ped's ward free of authoritarianism shown on the book "White giant tower," a social Japanese novel written by Toyoko Yamazaki.

A girl extremely reluctant to take bitter Bactramin due to severe nausea during chemotherapy.

While she was feeling bad;
Doc: Are you OK? Why don't you take a bit of Bactramin?
Girl: (silence in disregard of Doc)

After recovering from nausea;
Doc: Now you are good, could you take?
Girl: Course! You're stuuuupid!

This is reality different from fictious world on TV.

Written by S. Kusuki.
Translated by H. Ohta.
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