Child Chemo House in Osaka
Monday, October 09, 2006
  Children in my heart

Some children with cancer survived, but others passed away. I keep rather deceased ones in memory.

I recall this and that:
“He/she used to look forward to watching this program.”
“He/she loved this character.”
“This cuisine was his/her favorite.”
“His/her mother had a fierce temper.”

Falling in with cancer, I think, is out of luck, but not an unhappy incident. Children may learn something, feel others’ kindness, and get to be kind to others by experiencing a serious illness. You might think it is not so easy, but I believe that.

To share the belief with children and their family, I thought that we needed to educate staffs and build up a well-equipped hospital. This is partly why I decided to set up this project.

Written by S. Kusuki.
Translated by H. Ohta.
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"Child Chemo House" is an incorporated nonprofit organization aimed at setting up a hospital for children with cancer, taking into consideration quality of life of the children and their family.

We make an appeal for contributions. Please contact us at

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