Child Chemo House in Osaka
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
  "Mom, I wanna go home!"

Only two-tsubo (~7 square-meter) space. Toys and necessities without places to put.
Children with cancer, in this narrow space, have to fight the disease, play, study, and grow up physically and mentally sound.

A tiny simple bed given to an accompanying parent. Only one thin curtain separating from neighbors.
A tired parent suffering from insomnia worries over, comfort, and cheer up his or her child, concerned about neighbors.

Space where both parent and child curb their feelings and control their temper without complaining.
Space where they concern about family members away from the hospital.

A dream hospital is "house."
A house is filled with natural happy things that do not exist in this narrow space.

"Child Chemo House" is an incorporated nonprofit organization aimed at setting up a hospital for children with cancer, taking into consideration quality of life of the children and their family.

We make an appeal for contributions. Please contact us at

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