Child Chemo House in Osaka
Tuesday, October 30, 2007
  Kaekko Bazaar 2007 by Child Chemo House

Kaekko Bazaar in Banpaku Memorial Park, Suita

Kaekko Bazaaaaar!
-Let's play with Exchanging-

Let's get together with toys! And get points and exchange them for another cool toys! It's VEEEEEEERY FUN! Kids without toys are of course very welcome. You can get points from easy games or lectures.


Kaekko Bazaar & Message from the NPO "Child Chemo House"

Date: November 17, 2007

Tekkokan & Kamino-Hiroba, Banpaku Memorial Park, Suita

Kaekko Bazaar
12:30 - Registration
13:00 - Kaekko Bazaar
15:30 - Auction

Symposium in commemoration of the first anniversary of the incorporated NPO, "Child Chemo House."
- Children with cancer grow up smiling! -
13:00 - Registration
13:30 - Symposium

This project has been executed with a grant from the Commemorative Organization for the Japan World Exposition(’70).

"Child Chemo House" is an incorporated nonprofit organization aimed at setting up a hospital for children with cancer, taking into consideration quality of life of the children and their family.

We make an appeal for contributions. Please contact us at

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