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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
  Pros and cons

Imagine a situation where childhood cancer survivors work for medical service. What do you think whether they should talk openly about the illness or not?

In my experience, most cancer survivors seem to hide the fact in their workplace as nurses, counselors, or doctors. Knowing the fact, often indirectly after a long while, I wonder why they didn’t let me know.

We, parents of a child with cancer, can’t consult others with ease about worries during therapy. We tend to pile up worries within ourselves, thinking that others can’t understand such a frightening story, and that, first of all, they can’t know how to answer. This sense of alienation brings about huge stress of our daily life.

I often had to make an ultimate decision about the life of our child. And besides, as soon as possible, and by myself or by my husband and me only. It was extremely daunting and painful.

We would have been relieved a lot if I had talked to medical staff in such a situation who had similar experience.

If they work speaking out of a full heart about their experience, they may have to overcome various obstacles. If they work hiding the fact, however, I apt to feel that they don’t work efficiently. It would be a waste.

What do you think?

Written by Masami-sama.
Translated by H. Ohta.
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"Child Chemo House" is an incorporated nonprofit organization aimed at setting up a hospital for children with cancer, taking into consideration quality of life of the children and their family.

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